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Meet Candace

Human Potential Expert

Candace Yaeger MBA MA is a TEDx speaker, community cultivator, people connector, non-profit co-founder, renewable energy entrepreneur, former mental health therapist, and award-winning Executive Coach who has been featured in various news media outlets, including ABC and CBS. 


Candace has been named Best Coach by the Intelligencer and Bucks Courier Times multiple years.  She was also named ‘40 Under 40’ by her alma mater for her outstanding work in the community. 


A Human Potential Expert, Candace has over 15 years of education, training, and experience in psychology and business.  In her work as an Executive Coach, she helps a range of professionals from aspiring entrepreneurs to Fortune 500 executives achieve greater profits, productivity, and personal fulfillment.  She helps people cultivate their success mindset, implement proven processes and techniques, and develop strategies that can be implemented immediately to reach their current goals and utilized in the future to create sustainable success. 

She has a master’s degree in Psychology Clinical Counseling from LaSalle University where she studied clinical counseling and Industrial/Organizational Psychology (workplace behavior). Candace has worked with diverse populations using solution-focused, goal-oriented approaches. 


Candace discovered early in her counseling career her talent for facilitating success.  

Candace’s life changed forever when her brother and best friend died tragically in 2011. She realized that life is too short to not love your work and your life.  She promised herself she’d create a life for herself designed around what mattered most to her.  She made it her mission to help others create successful, fulfilling work lives.  


In 2011, Candace took a leap of faith to pursue an idea that was quite literally dreamt up while walking on the beach.  The result was the co-founding of Green Skyline Solar, a utility-scale solar company.  It was during this phase of her personal journey that she realized psychology and human behavior to be true assets in business.  Candace obtained an MBA from Drexel University where she studied entrepreneurship and innovation management.  


Born in Philadelphia to dedicated public servant parents, her passion for helping others and serving the community began at an early age.  Her mantra “Lift as You Rise” remains the string that connects all of the work she does - from volunteering in the community, mentoring young entrepreneurs, holding leadership roles in nonprofits, and even launching an award-winning nonprofit for entrepreneurs.


In 2021, Candace took another leap of faith with her husband when they moved their lives and businesses to sunny Sarasota.  She immediately became committed to serving the community and exploring ways to  “Lift as She Rises” in her new home.  

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